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HOMELWL Enterprises Welcomes You To Our Company Facts Page.

LWL ENTERPRISES Welcomes You To Our Company Facts Page.

LWL Enterprises Welcomes You To Our Company Facts Page.Enterprises

Greetings, and welcome to our company facts page!

LWL Enterprises Welcomes You To Our Company Facts Page.

A bit about us... We are a Christian owned and operated company. Predominantly we have been in computer systems operations, and various aspects of consulting. We still do these, but will soon be branching out with a fresh and new approach via the world wide web.

While our web site is still in it's infancy, soon we will be fully functional. Please bear with us. It won't be too long until we are "up and running". In the not too far off future we will be offering an on line store. We also have opened our free info for "net-newbies" section. In our "Free Goodies" area, we now have free software downloads, and interesting and knowledgable links to other worthwhile sites on the web. Our free midi music section is now also open!

We are also designing our site to be fully compatible with WEB TV. We realize the majority will view via a browser on a computer, but alternatively WEB TV is a very viable option for web browsing. Too many times site designers design poorly. This makes it difficult to view, hear or enjoy many sites, if you use WEB TV. We don't want this happening to our viewers. Our designers are trying their best for good WEB TV viewing and listening access to our free music too. We think we are succeeding nicely in this area! Hope you agree. The only part of this site not recommended for WEB TV users is our software download section. You have access to visit, but if you are watching on your TV; and have no computer... you cannot download a program anyways! Other than this area, our site is fully compatible. We hope our WEB TV viewers enjoy our site and stop back for visits regularly.

We are also designing our site to be best viewed on all browsers. Even older ones. Many sites say best viewed with "...." , then name a particular browser. Our designers are diligently working to afford the best quality and uniformity allowable to view on all browsing platforms. This, in itself, is no small feat! There are quite a lot of browsers now a days, and many view a site very differently! WEB TV views differently also. For more info in this area, please check our "free goodies" area, then click on "Net Newbie Info". Here is more info on browsers and different html codings used in site design. Lots more info on computer and net basics too. Want to know more? Check this section out!

Our aim is to eventually offer our customers a safe and secure way to purchase products. We are currently investigating various "shopping cart" type programs for our site. We are also investigating methods of secure transactions, and developing easy and secure methods of payment to ensure our customers safety! After all, it is our customers that bring us our business and we want to do everything in our power to protect our customers privacy.

We are also trying to develop an easy to navigate place. Somewhere in which you will feel comfortable and have ease. Too often in some sites you just can't seem to find what you are looking for. Like going into a big maze and getting lost in all the referral linking. We here at LWL Enterprises certainly don't want that happening to our visitors. That is why we have a guest book section. If something in our site navigation can be improved upon, we want to know about it. If perhaps you find a dead link, let us know. Thus knowing we may correct it. Any site input will be duly considered. We are trying our best to accommodate the general public, and in displaying our site to the many different style browsers.

We thank you for your time and for checking us out. Please stop back soon. We will be continually updating our site. Remember how to return for another visit. If you like our site tell your family, friends and associates. We are interested in your input. We look forward to seeing you again, so stop back soon to see future changes and growth in our site. Thank you again for visiting. We hope you enjoy our site.

Please Stop back. We will be growing and adding more.

Explore the rest of our site, and We hope to see you again soon! Did you BOOKMARK US? We hope so.


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LWL ENTERPRISES Welcomes You To Our Company Facts Page.